The more you know about oil, the better you'll feel

You may have lived in an oil-heated home for years, or you may be having your first experience with oilheat. Either way, you'll find the material in this guide helpful –and perhaps even a little surprising.

As an oilheat consumer, you should know that oil is a clean, efficient, cost-effective, safe and versatile fuel.

Knowing the facts about oil will help you make educated decisions, save money, and keep your home as comfortable as possible.

Please look to the oilheat dealers in your area as a resource for information and help. It would be their pleasure to answer any questions you may have after reading this guide.

Fast facts about oilheat

  • There are approximately 10 million oil-heated homes in the U.S.; 350,000 oil-heated homes were built during the past decade alone.
  • The efficiency levels of today's oilheat systems can exceed 90%.
  • Adjusted for inflation, heating oil prices today are virtually unchanged from 30 years ago.
  • Clearburn Science has made oilheat 99.9% clean.
  • The chances of an underground storage tank leak are much less than 1% and a modern tank has an even lower risk.
  • For every gallon of oil burned, a whopping 140,000 BTU's are generated.
  • Oil companies received a rating of 94% for friendly and fast service.

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